Ross Robinson

Robinson captures second straight victory, gets first win at Port Royal
Keeping It in The Family: Ross Robinson Tops ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial Race
Robinson emerges victorious in Mark "Coot" Williams Memorial at Georgetown
Robinson captures second straight victory, gets first win at Port Royal

Robinson captures second straight victory, gets first win at Port Royal

4/13/2024 -
Ross Robinson piloted his Commonwealth Equipment / Stockley Materials No. 7 DutchStar Motorsports / The Frozen Farmer / Wesley Collins Builders / XR1
Keeping It in The Family: Ross Robinson Tops ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial Race

Keeping It in The Family: Ross Robinson Tops ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial Race

3/31/2024 -
Written by Chris Moore GEORGETOWN, DE – Keeping it in the family. Ross Robinson claimed his third Mark ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial for the Stockley Speed
Robinson emerges victorious in Mark "Coot" Williams Memorial at Georgetown

Robinson emerges victorious in Mark "Coot" Williams Memorial at Georgetown

3/29/2024 -
For the second-straight year Ross Robinson bested the Mark ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial at Delaware’s Georgetown Speedway. In the driver’s seat of his Com
Keeping It in The Family: Ross Robinson Tops ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial Race


Georgetown Speedway

Keeping It in The Family: Ross Robinson Tops ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial Race

Written by Chris Moore

GEORGETOWN, DE – Keeping it in the family.

Ross Robinson claimed his third Mark ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial for the Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Models at Georgetown Speedway on Friday night.

Robinson has won the last three renditions of the Mark ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial, with victories in ’21, ’23, and Friday night (the ’22 edition fell to the weather).

The race, in honor of his late cousin, rewarded Robinson with a $3,026 payday at the conclusion of 26 laps, paying homage to Williams’ No. 26 in his racing days.

The Georgetown pit area was packed with 123 race cars for the event.

“Mark (Coot) would’ve loved the track tonight,” Robinson proclaimed with a smile. “It had just a little bit of chop and some bite to it.”

The Georgetown, Del., native, who started in fourth, was on the gas early, taking the lead away from Mechanicsville, Md.’s Jamie Lathroum at the completion of the third circuit.

Robinson also thanked fellow competitor, and runner-up, Rick Eckert.

“Rick helped me a lot in Florida this year,” Robinson explained. “I joked with him that hopefully he helped me enough so I could keep him from winning at home.”

Robinson raced from the fourth position while his wife Amanda Robinson and Winchester, Va.’s Trever Feathers occupied the front row.

Feathers, however, quickly experienced a flat tire, sending him pit side.

Amanda, meanwhile, struggled with her racecar from the drop of the green flag before ultimately pulling in early in the contest.

With the front row out of the picture early, Ross Robinson seized the opportunity quickly and catapulted to a lead he would never relinquish.

“I was happy to see the long stretch of green flag to finish the race,” Ross explained. “I overheated my left rear and a point in the race, and I knew it was hanging on for dear life.”

Robinson’s friend Rick Eckert, of York, Pa. raced from the sixth starting position to come home with a runner-up finish and Jonestown, Pa.’s Bryan Bernheisel rounded out the podium finishers.

Feathers rebounded from his early race flat tire to come home fourth and Lathroum rounded out the top five.

Lathroum and Ross Robinson were the heat race winners.

In Millman’s NAPA Modified action, it was another fourth-place starter taking home the Sunoco checkered flag.

Ringoes, N.J.’s Ryan Godown used a restart with eight laps remaining to slide by Wurtsboro, N.Y.’s Danny Creeden and ultimately scoot away with the $3,000 prize.

“Our speed has been there this year,” Godown proclaimed. “We had the fourth here (Georgetown) a couple weeks ago and we were running up front at Port Royal (Pa.) and the rear broke… it just feels good to have the night go right for us.”

Godown, who won last year’s Millman’s NAPA Modified Championship by just three points, was searching for his first Georgetown victory in nearly a year.

“We had a lot of seconds and thirds in the second half of last year,” he explained. “It’s nice to get one especially after we were really off in the heat and got some damage.”

Creeden, who started on the pole, raced out to a healthy advantage while Godown quickly raced to second and stalked Creeden for much of the early going.

The two paced the field into lap traffic before the first yellow flew on lap 17.
Creeden chose the outside groove, which turned out to be the difference.

Godown stayed with Creeden when the green came back out and got the bite off the second corner to clear Creeden.

Creeden would ultimately fade to fifth, as Billy Pauch Jr., Alex Yankowski, and Ryan Krachun all slid by the driver of the No. 16x.

A late-race restart gave both Pauch Jr. and Yankowski chances to take the win away, but Godown was up to the challenge.

Pauch Jr., of Frenchtown, N.J., and Covington Township, Pa.’s Yankowski rounded out the podium. Neshanic Station, N.J.’s Krachun came home fourth and Creeden completed the top five.

Pauch Jr. and Krachun were the heat winners.

Boyertown, Pa.’s Logan Watt won the Blue Hen Dispose-All Crate 602 Sportsman feature event after battling with Spencertown, N.Y.’s Dylan Madsen in the early going.

Watt continued his hot start to the season, claiming the $1,000 victory, one week after winning the $4,000 ‘Speed Showcase’ at Port Royal.

Greg Humlhanz, Bryce Bashore, Michael White, and Zac Weller, who started last, were the top five.

Georgetown, Del.’s Matt Hill won the opener for the First State Chevrolet RUSH Late Models after racing from the fourth starting position.

Hill took the lead away on the fourth circuit and led the rest of the remaining 16 laps for the $1,000 victory.

Rob Pitcher, Derek Magee, Ben Scott, and Nick Davis rounded out the top five.

Jamie Eichholz kicked off the Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car Club season with a win in the Late Model division while Harold Sylvester claimed the Modified portion.

The two stretched out a healthy advantage over the rest of the competition by the end of the 12-lap feature.

Melvin Joseph Jr. dominated the 12-lap Little Lincoln feature, winning by over a straightaway on the rest of the field.

Jordan Herbert and Dylan Betts rounded out the top three.

Robert Smith won a thrilling side-by-side battle for the Delaware Super Truck win after a caution plagued 12-lap affair. T.J. Williams came up just shy in second and Tony Guinta rounded out the top three.

The Delmarva Chargers also had a caution plagued 12-lap feature, with Jay Lowman setting a pace the rest of the field could not maintain. Lowman picked up the win with Randy Merritt and Randy Galloway completing the podium.

Georgetown Speedway action resumes on Friday, April 5 as the USAC East Coast Sprint Cars make their first appearance of 2024. The Millman’s NAPA Modifieds co-headline the Friday night affair. Also on the card are the Blue Hen Dispose-All Crate 602 Sportsman, Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Cars, Little Lincolns, Delaware Super Trucks, and Feebs Distilling Delmarva Chargers.

Georgetown Speedway, originally constructed by Melvin L. Joseph in 1949, is located at the intersection of Route 113 and Speedway Road in Georgetown, Del., just miles from the Delaware beaches and less than a 40-minute drive from Ocean City, Md.

A website is live for the speedway at Like Georgetown Speedway on Facebook, follow @thegtownspdwy on Twitter, e-mail or contact the speedway hotline at 302.563.GTWN (4896).


Mark ‘Coot’ Williams Memorial Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Model Feature Finish (26 laps): 1. 7-ROSS ROBINSON[4]; 2. 0E-Rick Eckert[6]; 3. 119-Bryan Bernheisel[7]; 4. 20-Trever Feathers[2]; 5. 6-Jamie Lathroum[3]; 6. 11-Trevor Collins[9]; 7. 21-Jakob Piper[8]; 8. 14AJ-AJ Miller[11]; 9. 55L-Donald Lingo Jr[5]; 10. 118-Sean Merkel[13]; 11. 14C-Chuck Bowie[10]; 12. 4R-Amanda Robinson[1]

Did Not Start: KB-Kerry King

Millman’s NAPA Auto Parts Modified Feature Finish (25 laps): 1. 26-RYAN GODOWN[4]; 2. 1-Billy Pauch Jr[3]; 3. 84Y-Alex Yankowski[6]; 4. 29-Ryan Krachun[7]; 5. 16X-Danny Creeden[1]; 6. 6B-Danny Bouc[9]; 7. 4-Anthony Perrego[2]; 8. 30-HJ Bunting[5]; 9. 31-Ryan Riddle[8]; 10. 51-Jordan Watson[17]; 11. 65-Austin Hubbard[13]; 12. 14W-Ryan Watt[11]; 13. 74W-John Willman[14]; 14. 4W-Brandon Watkins[10]; 15. 28-Thomas Solderich[12]; 16. 9N-Greg Nailor[15]; 17. 05-Sean Metz[18]; 18. 91W-Carson Wright[16]

Ad-Art Sign Company Top Spec Small-Block Bonus ($250): 74-John Willman

Blue Hen Dispose-All Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (20 laps): 1. 4M-LOGAN WATT[1]; 2. 02-Greg Humlhanz[3]; 3. 5B-Bryce Bashore[8]; 4. 43-Michael White[4]; 5. 1*-Zac Weller[19]; 6. 187-Steve Young[9]; 7. 21-Greg Reed[20]; 8. 51-Matt Peck[10]; 9. 94J-Jacob King[14]; 10. 89-Dylan Madsen[2]; 11. 97-Matt Smith[28]; 12. 17D-Mike Loney[11]; 13. 37-Chris Martinez[15]; 14. 39-Richie Walls Jr[18]; 15. 10-Adam White[16]; 16. 17T-Kris Thompson[7]; 17. 142-Justin Zook[17]; 18. 25-Ashley Metz[5]; 19. 52M-Jason Musser[6]; 20. 15H-Scott Hitchens[13]; 21. 23H-Troy Hopkins[24]; 22. 2-John Burton[21]; 23. 91-Luke Bunting[22]; 24. 7M-Jarod Millman[26]

Did Not Start: 23-Devin Dodson; J94-Jordn Justice; 9A-Howard Huepfel; 59M-Tom Moore Jr

First State Chevrolet Crate Late Model Series Feature Finish (20 laps): 1. 84-MATT HILL[4]; 2. 17-Rob Pitcher[3]; 3. 96-Derek Magee[1]; 4. 80-Ben Scott[6]; 5. 92-Nick Davis[2]; 6. 121-Tristin Neiderer[9]; 7. 01-Robert Smith[8]; 8. 72-Trevor Collins[5]; 9. 27-Donnie Tingle[10]; 10. 47-David Smith[7]

Southern Delaware Vintage Late Model Feature Finish (15 laps): 1. 21-JAMIE EICHHOLZ[3]; 2. 15-Jamie Schirmer[7]; 3. 1-Cale Pettyjohn[9]; 4. 71-Garrit Reagan[6]; 5. 20-Roscoe Clough[1]; 6. 32-Maddy Jefferson[5]; 7. 24-Luke Dill[2]; 8. 2-Dale Kirklin[8]

Did Not Start: 19-Jason Cahall

Southern Delaware Vintage Modified Feature Finish (15 laps): 1. 04M-HAROLD SYLVESTER[12]; 2. OM-Richie Pratt[10]; 3. 66M-John Gladman[11]
Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 01-ROBERT SMITH[5]; 2. 84-TJ Williams[9]; 3. 68-Tony Guinta[2]; 4. 29-LJ Walbert[6]; 5. 16-Nick Rust[17]; 6. 34-Scott Trice[8]; 7. 89-Thomas Jackson[12]; 8. 00-Mackenzie Williams[1]; 9. 31-TJ Hazlewood[10]; 10. 13-Joshua Wilson[13]; 11. 7-Tyrell Burkett[16]; 12. 77-Tim Williams[3]; 13. 4-Carl Walker[14]; 14. 23-Troy Hopkins[4]; 15. 71Q-Tim Quay[7]; 16. 50-Erin Wilson[18]; 17. 327-Chase Carter[15]

Did Not Start: 27-Michelle Collins

Feebs Distilling Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 2A-JAY LOWMAN[4]; 2. 62-Randy Merritt[5]; 3. 44R-Randy Gallaway[3]; 4. 4-Tyler Hottle[7]; 5. 15-Derek Neal[14]; 6. 92-Robbie Strain[1]; 7. 72-Billy Cummings[9]; 8. 67-Ron Falkner[2]; 9. 10-Craig Kelly[12]; 10. 18X-Eddie Ashwell[16]; 11. 37C-Reese Carey[15]; 12. 61-Ashley Merritt[8]; 13. 51-Dennis Nelson[13]; 14. 5G-Garren Morris[10]; 15. 12-John Healy[11]

Did Not Start: 27W-Wyatt Cummings

Little Lincoln Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 49-MEL JOSEPH JR[3]; 2. 47-Jordan Herbert[1]; 3. 65-Dylan Betts[2]; 4. 14A-Nathan Austin[5]; 5. 3W-Wayne White[8]; 6. 6-Scott Calhoun[4]; 7. 55-Bryan Piercy[6]; 8. 53J-James Harmon[7]

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